About Valent

VALENCE va•len(t)s—the ability to unite, react or interact successfully with another...

Valent U.S.A. LLC is a leading crop protection firm serving the agricultural and non-crop products markets in North America. Valent products help growers produce safe and abundant food and fiber crops, and horticultural professionals improve the quality of life for their customers.

The corporate motto, Products That Work, From People Who Care®, describes the company's business philosophy. Valent seeks out and provides customers with innovative and effective solutions to their production challenges.

"Valent is uniquely positioned in our industry, offering innovative biorational and traditional solutions that deliver proven results. This variety of tools helps customers grow more profitable crops and maintain healthy green spaces, forests and waterways."

Matt Plitt
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Valent U.S.A. LLC

Valent's portfolio includes products for conventional and organic production.

Valent products:

  • Protect plants and people from pests

  • Optimize plant yield, appearance and quality

  • Provide essential pest resistance management tools


Valent's strength as an organization is the understanding of the entire product cycle, so our products can be presented as part of an integrated solution.


Our Mission

To develop, register and market innovative, technological solutions for crop production and pest management that deliver value for customers and stakeholders. At Valent, product stewardship begins with the recognition that the public has a right to a healthy, nutritious food supply and safe surroundings. We also realize the importance of protecting and preserving precious environmental resources for the benefit of future generations. Consequently, it is for the well-being of the public, our customers, our company and the industry at large that Valent complies with the letter—and the spirit—of all environmental, health and application laws.

The core values embraced by Valent are:

  • Customer Focus
  • Professional Excellence
  • Stewardship and Responsible Care
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment to Employees
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

Technical Center

Valent operates its own research laboratory in Dublin, California, near company headquarters. Here, a team of scientists and research specialists develop product chemistry residue data, environmental fate data and formulations—all basic and essential research requirements for the development of new products, as well as the re-registrations and label expansions of existing products.


Valent's field sales force is technically skilled, and relationship-oriented. Our sales representatives and territory managers have university training in various agricultural, turf and other professional disciplines. This experience—among the greatest in the industry—makes Valent representatives uniquely qualified to deliver integrated solutions for our customers. Valent products are sold through distributors and dealers to growers, greenhouse/nursery operators, golf course superintendents, custom applicators and end users.

Field Market Development

Specialists deployed in major agricultural and professional market areas, Valent's Field Market Development group concentrates on label expansions, tank mix combinations, use rates and application methods to help ensure that our products are used properly and fit local conditions and production practices. The team implements field development strategies, provides technical support and works on IR-4 projects and section 18s.

Product Safety

Each Valent product container carries a detailed label, which functions as an instruction manual for application. This label is a legal document that defines the approved uses of the product, use rates, proper application methods, safety equipment and protective clothing requirements, and action to be taken in case of emergency. In addition, the label carries the toll-free, 24-hour phone number of an information service to call in case of any emergency that might arise from product misuse or accident. Our emergency number is 800-892-0099.