Company History

Valent U.S.A. LLC was founded in 1988 through a joint venture between Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited, a global leader in the discovery of crop protection, plant enhancement and other products for food, health and the environment, and Chevron Chemical Company.

  • In 1991, Valent became a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited.
  • In 1994, Valent de Mexico was established.
  • In 2001, Valent began marketing and selling plant growth regulators, bioinsecticides and other biorational products from Valent LLC Corporation—the former Ag Specialties Business Unit of Abbott Laboratories.
  • In 2004, Valent becomes the Sumitomo Chemical Company regional headquarters of the Americas.
  • In 2007 the Valent Canada - Crop and Professional Products office opened in Guelph to bring new innovation and technology to Canadian growers.  
  • In 2009, Valent U.S.A. and Valent BioSciences aligned under common leadership.