Environmental Protection

In Valent's new product development program, a potential product must pose a low order of hazard to non-target organisms and dissipate into environmentally benign ingredients.

A new product is also gauged by the amount needed for effective treatment. A low usage rate not only lessens the amount of product introduced into the environment, but also reduces the size and number of containers that must be shipped, used and discarded.

Valent continually works with existing products to improve formulations and product delivery systems, enabling the applicator to use lower rates and prevent air and soil pollution problems. Our manufacturing and packaging professionals ensure that all products meet our demanding specifications. We participate in numerous allied-industry programs such as the Ag Container Recycling Council (ACRC), CropLife America, and Responsible Industry for a Safe Environment. Valent also sponsors continuing education programs to improve application methods, help prevent insect and herbicide resistance and educate to reduce spray drift.