Headquartered in Walnut Creek, California, Valent serves North America as the Valent product development and marketing branch for Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited, a world leader in the discovery of crop protection and plant enhancement products. The agricultural chemicals research laboratory in Takarazuka, Japan, is Sumitomo's main facility for biology-related activities. Here, more than 400 scientists and other research personnel are engaged in virtually all aspects of crop-protection chemical development, including synthesis, screening entomology, plant pathology and physiology, biochemistry, environmental science and formulations.

A counterpart to the Agricultural Chemicals Laboratory, the Environmental Health Science Laboratory in Osaka, Japan, conducts safety studies to assess carcinogenicity, teratology, reproduction, mutagenicity and metabolism.

Because of its scientific capabilities, and commitment to the agricultural chemicals sector, Sumitomo has gained global recognition for achievements in the development of superior products to combat major insect, weed and plant disease problems.