Fierce XLT Soybean Herbicide Testimonials

The results are in. Fierce XLT outperforms the rest in ASA trials.

58 American Soybean Association members in 4 states put Fierce XLT to the test. 93% rated Fierce XLT equal to or better than their current program at controlling ragweed, waterhemp/pigweed, marestail and annual grasses. Find out why below.

What growers had to say about the power of Fierce XLT.

"We used Fierce XLT for the first time against a competitor product to see where we could benefit, especially against ragweed. The Fierce XLT had absolutely no ragweed escapes compared to the other product we’ve been using. And with 30-inch rows we felt like we’d at least have one or two before canopy. But we had absolutely none. We’ll continue to use Fierce XLT in the future."
- Josh Yoder, Dayton, Ohio

"We've used Fierce XLT on our no-till land. The application timing and residual control works right into our timing, so we got the best performance from it. We especially liked the multiple modes of action. That's important to us."
- John Hagenbuch, Utica, Illinois