League® MVP Herbicide

League MVP Herbicide
  • Fit for use in water-seeded rice in California
  • Early residual control, striking weeds as they emerge
  • Single application controls full spectrum of grass, broadleaf, aquatic and sedge weeds

Eliminate weeds in your rice fields with
League MVP Herbicide

League MVP offers solid preemergence residual foundation defense of your water-seeded rice yield potential. League MVP attacks weeds by inhibiting two important plant metabolic pathways: acetolactate synthase (amino acid synthesis) and lipid synthesis. The dual modes of action offered by League MVP combat tough grass and broadleaf, aquatic and sedge weeds, including:

  • Early and late watergrass
  • Sprangletop
  • Smallflower umbrellaplant
  • Ricefield bulrush
  • Redstems
  • California arrowhead

Download Label/SDS
Download Label/SDS for League MVP.

Pests, Crops and State Registrations

- Key crops/pests

League MVP Herbicide


  • rice


  • arrowhead, California
  • arrowhead, Gregg's
  • barnyardgrass
  • bulrush, ricefield
  • bulrush, river
  • burhead
  • ducksalad
  • naiads
  • pondweed, American
  • redstems
  • sprangletop
  • umbrellaplant, smallflower
  • watergrasses (early, late)
  • waterhyssops
  • waterplantain, common

State Registrations*

  • California

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