ReTain® Plant Growth Regulator Overview

How ReTain Works

ReTain contains aminoethoxyvinylglycine HCl, a naturally occurring inhibitor of ethylene biosynthesis in plants. Ethylene affects plant processes such as fruit maturation, ripening and drop. By temporarily inhibiting the biosynthesis of ethylene in plant tissues, ReTain results in the following benefits in apples:

  • Improved labor and harvest management.
  • Enhanced fruit quality.
    • Maintains fruit firmness.
    • Reduces physiological disorders such as stem bowl cracking and watercore.
    • Results in more uniform starch levels at harvest and reduces starch degradation.
  • A 7–10-day wider harvest window that may enhance fruit size and color.
  • Improved storability—maintains firmness all the way to the consumer.

Over the past 10-years ReTain has become the foundation of a successful harvest management and post-harvest quality program in apples. ReTain is designed for use with standard orchard spray equipment and is effective across a wide application window prior to row filling and bin placement.