SeizeTM Insect Growth Regulator Overview

How Seize Works

  • Active ingredient pyriproxyfen is an insect growth regulator active on multiple life stages.

  • The product suppresses embryogenesis within the insect egg and inhibits metamorphosis and adult emergence of target insects.

Seize Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can I expect from Seize IGR?

    Seize is extremely effective against all scale, especially San Jose Scale. Typically scale will not return to the orchard for up to two years after application. The length of time depends on scale pressure and your pest management program.

  2. Should Seize be used as a clean up at 90% spur infestation? Do you have confidence that one treatment with oil will do the job?

    Our experience with San Jose Scale is that one properly timed application will do the job. Seize is not systemic so coverage is the key to good control. Your airblast sprayer needs to have a good spray pattern and enough water (generally 100 to 200 gallons per acre) to afford good coverage.

  3. How much oil should be used? What about other surfactants?

    For best results, apply Seize along with 2 to 4 gallons of oil to the acre. Seize is not water-soluble so the oil helps solubalize the active ingredient and helps with coverage and absorption into the scale. No other surfactants are required when you use oil. When using a surfactant other than oil, it may be advisable to use the higher recommended rate per acre to treat high scale pressure. Again, coverage is critical for good control.

  4. What is the best timing to apply Seize?

    The best time to treat for San Jose scale is when the scale is in the black cap stage. For other soft scales, apply at the onset of crawlers. An in-season spray when crawlers first appear is allowed on the label. Because of the various stages of scale, Seize will take longer to control scale at the crawler stage, but the result will be good control.

    What is the best time to treat for San Jose Scale?
    Make a dormant or delayed dormant application. With delayed dormant applications Seize will also suppress the peach twig borer.

  5. What about bees in delayed dormant application?

    Seize is practically non-toxic to bees. Seize will not have any effect on bees at that application timing.

  6. Label Highlights

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