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This is your chance! Valent’s future is full of exciting possibilities, and so is yours as a member of our team.

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Working at Valent

Valent prides itself on being a financially successful company with innovative and technology-driven solutions that meet customer needs, and being a high-quality employer with a great work environment.

Employee surveys and feedback from new employee comments speak to Valent's outstanding products, people and work environment.

Valent has:

  • A strong focus on customers

  • A growing pipeline of innovative products with a high standard for quality and performance

  • Professional and knowledgeable team members who enjoy working together

The company offers competitive benefits, training and a commitment to employee development. The first thing new employees can expect to hear is “Thank you for joining Valent. New employees are a key to creating the future.”

The corporate motto, Products That Work, From People Who Care®, describes the company's business philosophy.

Valent has over 200 employees in North America.

Valent's Culture

High-functioning organizations are held together by common values, goals and practices. The following seven leadership practices are important at Valent, and describe how we expect ourselves to act:

  1. Be accountable

  2. Create the future

  3. Focus on what's important

  4. Remember, we all want to win

  5. Listen to understand

  6. Tell the truth without judgment or blame

  7. Collaborate

Business Conduct

Sumitomo Chemical Company, Ltd. (Sumitomo), Valent's parent company, is a major chemical manufacturer with worldwide operations. Worldwide, Sumitomo employees observe the ten Principles set forth in the Sumitomo Charter for Business Conduct in their day-to-day business activities. The philosophy underlying the Charter for Business Conduct is related to ensuring the public's trust and confidence in Sumitomo through its efforts to preserve the global environment, eliminating accidents and disasters, and ensuring the safety of chemical substances.