Safari® Insecticide Now Available in Convenient Granular Formulation

March 20, 2008

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (March 20, 2007)—Safari® Insecticide from Valent Professional Products has a new granular formulation—Safari® 2G. This formulation offers the same rapid, systemic control as a drench with Safari 20 SG, but is applied dry to the soil.

Safari 2G offers increased convenience and application accuracy for lawn care operators (LCOs) and arborists, as well as greenhouse and nursery growers.

"LCOs and arborists often need to apply multiple products during the course of a day, but are limited by the number of spray tanks they have in their trucks," Joe Chamberlin, Valent Professional Products field market development specialist said. "Safari 2G can help solve this problem because it is applied directly from the package to the soil, and therefore does not  occupy a spray tank."

Safari 2G also makes spot treatment easier—a benefit for both the lawn care and ornamental markets.

"Frequently in nursery and greenhouse situations, growers will notice a hot spot of insect activity and want to apply a soil treatment," Chamberlin said, "But, they may not want to mix up a tank of drench solution and treat the entire crop. Safari 2G solves this problem, because it allows growers to easily and quickly treat the problem area."

Compared to other granular insecticides, Safari dissolves quickly and is more systemic for faster insect control.

"Safari is more water-soluble than other insecticides in its class," said Mike Riffle, Valent Professional Products product development manager. "It is super-systemic and is taken up in the plant quicker and in larger quantities, which helps it to work faster and longer to control a broad spectrum of insects."

An additional benefit of Safari 2G is reduced drift because it is applied directly to the soil. Chamberlin said this is particularly useful in the lawn care market where pesticide applications are often made in public locations and neighborhoods.

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