Valent Brings "Stellar" Pythium Tool to Turf Market

New Stellar™ Fungicide effectively controls Pythium for excellent turf quality 

February 11, 2008

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (February 11, 2008)–Valent Professional Products announces Stellar™ Fungicide is now Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered. Stellar is a new tool for Pythium disease control in turf.

As superintendents know, Pythium is a major turf disease that plagues all turfgrass–especially cool season turf such as bentgrass, annual bluegrass and perennial ryegrass.

"Stellar offers a unique approach to Pythium control through its synergistic premix," Jill Calabro Valent turf pathologist said. "Stellar combines fluopicolide-a new active ingredient–with propamocarb–a proven Pythium product-for even more powerful Pythium control."

The dual active ingredients in Stellar also allow superintendents to use one single product for Pythium control.

Stellar also can be an important part of superintendents' resistance management program. In a 2007 Valent survey, 92 percent of superintendents consider a new Mode of Action essential in overall fungicide resistance management.

"Unfortunately resistance is a serious reality we have to consider in turf programs and Valent is committed to helping superintendents manage this problem," Calabro said. "Stellar has a new chemical class and a novel Mode of Action from two active ingredients, giving superintendents another great option to use in a chemical rotation."

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