2008 News Releases

Valent Introduces New Formulation for Velocity® Herbicide

April 14, 2008

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (April 14, 2008)—Valent Professional Products announces a new formulation of its Velocity® Herbicide. The new formulation—Velocity 17.6% SG—is now available for the 2008 turf market.

Velocity 17.6% SG is less concentrated than the original formulation, making it much easier to measure the amount of product needed to manage Poa annua and Poa trivialis in turf. It will also come in a convenient one-pound bottle.

"The new formulation is Valent's answer to the feedback we were getting from superintendents about Velocity," said Jason Fausey, Valent Professional Products field market development specialist. "Superintendents will find the new Velocity formulation much easier to work with and to apply. The formulation and package size will also help to ensure the correct amount of material is used."

Fausey notes that 1 ounce of the new Velocity 17.6% SG formulation contains five grams of active ingredient.

The new Velocity label includes modifications to the Poa management recommendations for the product.

"We have extended the application interval from seven days with the old formulation to 7-14 days with Velocity 17.6% SG," Fausey said. "The extension in time between applications will help superintendents manage Poa effectively and avoid potential bare spots that are often associated with rapid removal of Poa from turf."

With the new formulation, superintendents will see the same level of Poa control and bentgrass safety they have come to expect from Velocity, with improved ease of use.

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