2008 News Releases

Valor Registered for Dry Bean Desiccation

After much anticipation, farmers welcome new option for 2008 season

April 15, 2008

WALNUT CREEK, CA (April 15, 2008)—Valor® Herbicide from Valent U.S.A. Corporation has received Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration for dry bean desiccation.

The registration has been highly anticipated among dry bean farmers.

"Until now, there have been very few desiccants available for the dry bean market, and most were inconsistent or ineffective," said Richard Zollinger, extension weed specialist with North Dakota State University. "Numerous dry bean farmers asked me to find a better solution."

Zollinger tested several different desiccation possibilities and found Valor to be the best option for dry bean farmers.

"In the first year it was clear Valor had excellent desiccation properties. It consistently outperformed other desiccants," Zollinger said.

Valor's complete desiccation of dry bean leaves and stems is a huge benefit to farmers since dry beans have to be near perfect when they go to the processor. Weather can also be a hurdle for dry bean farmers as harvest nears.

"In the major dry bean areas, we can start to get colder weather in September which affects the desiccation performance of some materials, such as Gramoxone," said Trevor Dale, Valent field market development specialist. "Valor works under a wide range of environmental conditions."

From a farmer's perspective, being able to efficiently desiccate dry beans is key.

"The majority of dry bean farmers have large acres they want to treat only once for desiccation and not waste time waiting on the weather to be just perfect," said Tim Courneya, executive vice president of the Northarvest Bean Growers Association.  "Our selection for desiccants has been few, and we need as much ammunition as we can get."

Additionally, Valor has a low use rate—1.5 to 2.0 oz/A with an MSO-type adjuvant—so there is less product to handle. Valor is not a restricted use product and offers greater handler safety than other desiccants.

Valor is part of the strong line-up of products from Valent U.S.A. Corporation: Domark® Fungicide, Gangster® Herbicide, Cobra® Herbicide, Phoenix™ Herbicide, Resource® Herbicide, Select Max® Herbicide with Inside Technology™ and Valor XLT Herbicide.

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