At Valent Professional Products, we constantly search for new products that will enhance the growth of your greenhouse business—and your profits. And we don’t stop at just their discovery. We also spend years researching, testing and improving them so only the best is delivered to you.


Adorn® Fungicide

Fight downy mildew, Phytophthora and Pythium with a new, novel mode of action

Envoy Plus® Herbicide

Consistent postemergence control of troublesome annual and perennial grasses

DiPel® PRO DF Biological Insecticide

Most widely used biological insecticide in the world, registered for use on turf and around a wide variety of trees and ornamentals

Distance® Insect Growth Regulator

Targeted activity breaks life cycle of scale, fungus gnat, whitefly and others

Gnatrol® Biological Larvicide

Highly selective, effective control of fungus gnat larvae

Overture® Insecticide

New generation chemistry effectively controls thrips and lepidopterous insects

Safari® Insecticide

Super-systemic insecticide with quicker knockdown, long residual control on a broader spectrum of insects

Tame® Insecticide

Broad spectrum control of insect pests

TetraSan® Miticide

Helps eliminate spider mites both indoors and outdoors

plant growth regulator
Fascination® Plant Growth Regulator

Extended marketability of lilies and other ornamentals.

ProGibb® T&O Plant Growth Regulator

Maintains growth and prevents color change of turfgrass in cold weather; maintains regrowth of Bermudagrass in warm weather; also for use on ornamentals.

Sumagic® Plant Growth Regulator

The most active PGR for denser plants and longer shelf life


Spotlight on:

  • Super-systemic = faster/better uptake
  • Broad spectrum control, including Q- and B-biotype whiteflies
  • Unsurpassed residual control

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