For nursery growers, Valent Professional Products is dedicated to promoting healthy growth for your plants and your business. Our range of herbicides, insecticides and plant growth regulators deliver results that ensure your success.


Tourney® Fungicide

The go-to solution for controlling a broad spectrum of tough diseases, including anthracnose, fairy ring, dollar spot, gray leaf spot and many patch diseases

Adorn® Fungicide

Fight downy mildew, Phytophthora and Pythium with a new, novel mode of action

Actinovate SP® Biological Fungicide

Broad spectrum control of ornamental and soil-borne diseases

BroadStarTM Herbicide

Longest residual granular herbicide in the LCO market to control tough broadleaf and grassy weeds

Envoy Plus® Herbicide

Consistent postemergence control of troublesome annual and perennial grasses

SureGuard® Herbicide

Sprayable, long-lasting preemergence and fast, effective postemergence control of broadleaf and grassy weeds

DiPel® PRO DF Biological Insecticide

Most widely used biological insecticide in the world, registered for use on turf and around a wide variety of trees and ornamentals

Distance® Fire Ant Bait

Effective long-term control of fire ant colonies by sterilizing the queen

Distance® Insect Growth Regulator

Targeted activity breaks life cycle of scale, fungus gnat, whitefly and others

Safari® Insecticide

Super-systemic insecticide with quicker knockdown, long residual control on a broader spectrum of insects

Tame® Insecticide

Broad spectrum control of insect pests

TetraSan® Miticide

Helps eliminate spider mites both indoors and outdoors


Spotlight on:

  • Controls spider mites at all life stages without harming most beneficial insects
  • Contact and translaminar activity controls spider mites where they hide
  • Flexible application timing
  • Extended residual activity

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