Arena® Insecticide Testimonials

"The very next morning after putting Arena down, I had very visible evidence of dead grubs. It worked very, very quickly. I didn't even have to get out of my cart to see it. It did a number on them."

"I'm very confident in Arena as a preventive (grub) product, but it's also nice to know it can work curatively as well. It's a nice insurance policy."
–Mark Burk, Ruggles Army Golf Course, Aberdeen, MD (grubs)

"Grubs can be a problem in the roughs, fairways and bunker faces from late August through October for us. We applied Arena at the recommended label rates and it was very successful. We're already using it again this year. "

"It's extremely important not to have to come back with another product or application later. It gets really expensive. That's one of the reasons I went to Arena. I had breakthrough issues and needed to make repeat applications with competitive products. It's hard to spend that money twice."
–Joe Noppenberger, Wedgewood Golf & Country Club, Powell, OH (grubs)

"[Arena] works quite well as a curative treatment for grub infestations compared to other curative products."

"Got grubs? Put Arena out there and it will do a good job. ... It is right there with the best correctional products and that gives it a value-added advantage."
–Dr. Chris Williamson, entomologist, University of Wisconsin (grubs)

"Arena is also very effective against ants. Ants are problematic to golf courses because of their mounds. Timing is critical. Arena should be applied at the first sign of adult ant activity, typically in the early spring."
–Dr. Chris Williamson, entomologist, University of Wisconsin (ants)

"Arena has a long residual effect, which allows it to be effective for a long time. That can help control certain pests that appear throughout the year."
–Dr. Pat Vittum, turf researcher, University of Massachusetts (general)

"Arena's residual allows for continued soil activity 120-180 days after application. This helps control adult white grubs by getting the material to their feeding sites in the soil.

"One of the major differences between Arena and other neonicotinoids is its speed of activity. We have applied Arena on September 15 for white grub control and seen it kill the insect in five to seven days."
–Dr. David Shetlar, associate professor with The Ohio State University (grubs)