Distance® Fire Ant Bait

distance ant bait
  • Non-restricted use pesticide
  • Controls fire ant colonies by sterilizing the queen
  • Effective long-term control

When it comes to fire ant control, Distance is everything.

Fire ant mounds make any golf course more challenging. Plus, fire ants destroy greenhouse and nursery crops and lawns, and they threaten family members and pets. Distance is a non-restricted use pesticide that’s irresistible to fire ants and undetectable to everyone else. When worker ants carry the granules back to the colony to feed the queen, the unique active ingredient in Distance interferes with her ability to reproduce—and causes the death of the entire fire ant colony.

Download Label/SDS
Download Label/SDS for Distance Fire Ant Bait.

- Key use/pests

Distance FAB

Product Used On

  • turf


  • red imported fire ant
  • big-headed ant

  • Label/SDS

    Download Label/SDS for Distance Fire Ant Bait.

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