StellarTM Fungicide Testimonials

"Having confidence in your product is very important, and I feel really confident spraying Stellar."
–Jay Nalls, Norbeck Country Club in Rockville, MD

"I include Stellar in my rotation as a protection for Pythium development on greens to give me peace of mind. Long lasting treatments allow me to extend treatment between sprayings. Stellar's chemistry fits right in my rotation of different chemistries to prevent any type of resistance."
–Allen Crockett, Winding Creek Golf Club in Thomasville, NC

"Stellar is a great product I have been using at Highlands CC for the last two years. At Highlands CC, we have several greens that don't receive enough sunlight and tree removal is not an option. Therefore, during our rainy spells through summer, Stellar is an excellent control product for Pythium Root and Crown Rot. It is a great product to rotate with other chemistries like Terrazole and Banol."
–Brian J. Stiehler, Highlands Country Club in Highlands, NC