Tourney® Fungicide Testimonials

"We've been using Tourney for gray leaf spot as part of our preventive program. We sprayed Tourney at the .3 oz rate last August on our fairways. We made two applications last summer—even on the step cut on the outside edges where you normally get gray leaf spot first—and it's been terrific. We've had no breakouts. The length of control was great. We've been very happy with Tourney. We've used other products in the past and we've gotten hit with brown patch, but that didn't happen with Tourney. As far as broad spectrum control is concerned, we're real confident in Tourney."
–Mel Leaver, Brookside Country Club, Macungie, PA (gray leaf spot)

"I stopped using PCNB because it's a little dangerous with the root systems. We tank mixed Tourney at the .3 oz rate with 3.7 oz of 26019. We didn't have a spot of snow mold."
–Mel Leaver, Brookside Country Club, Macungie, PA (snow mold)

"We applied (Tourney) and it immediately stopped the dollar spot."
–Fenn Clarke, Statesville Country Club in Statesville, NC (dollar spot)

"I've had strains of dollar spot that I've thrown everything at it in the past and nothing worked. But last year I applied Tourney in April, and I had never seen the fairways look that good that early. The color and quality of the turf were great well over a month after the application. Tourney really held up."
–Paul Jamrog, Metacomet Country Club in East Providence, RI (dollar spot)

"There are not that many good products out there that can economically treat gray leaf spot. Also, a lot of products are triple or quadruple the price of Tourney."
–John Vinson, Jr., Maryland Golf and Country Club in Bel Air, MD (gray leaf spot)

"We tried Tourney for dollar spot control on our Crenshaw greens, and it worked perfectly."
–Scott Fallon, Carmel Country Club, Charlotte, NC (dollar spot)

"I was impressed with Tourney's fairy ring control—it was amazing. Additionally, Tourney controlled dollar spot very well for 26 days."
–Harry Lovero, Orchard Valley Golf Club, Aurora, IL (fairy ring & dollar spot)

"I'm amazed at Tourney on anthracnose on my greens; I can't believe the difference. I've never had control on anthracnose, and I've used much higher rates of other products. There's no doubt Tourney made a difference."
–Tom Harrington, Marshfield Country Club, Marshfield, MA (anthracnose)

"I usually go two weeks on the greens, but with Tourney, I've gone three weeks between sprays. To get three weeks is big for me. I'm happy with Tourney and plan to use it next year."
–Mike Whitehead, Pawtucket Country Club, Seakonk, MA (general)

"We are a Poa-heavy course, so we always have a consistent problem with anthracnose all the way through fall. I put Tourney as our first shot right out of the gate at the 16-ounce rate in mid-April and it is still clean as a whistle seven weeks later. Everyone at the club is asking what we did differently this year and, really, the only thing different I can point to is Tourney."
–Nick Burchard, Crestwood Country Club in Rehoboth, MA (anthracnose)

"We saw excellent results with Tourney. We put it in as part of our normal preventive 14-day rotation program and had no issues all season. I'm very happy with Tourney and will be using it again next year."
–Jon Lobenstine, director of agronomy and superintendent; oversees nine golf courses in the Montgomery County, MD, area (general)

"(Tourney) worked famously on brown patch."
–Rodney Hine, The Boston Club, Hingham, MA (brown patch)

"I applied Tourney to the hole with my worst case scenario situation for dollar spot, and I've never seen any other product keep the dollar spot out like Tourney is doing so far."
–Bruce McIntyre, Old Barnstable Fairgrounds Golf Course, Marstons Mills, MA (dollar spot)

"When we applied Tourney at the highest label rate for snow mold last year, we were off on the right foot for spring when the snow melted. It looked like it had two apps of Proxy on it already."
–Mark Jewell, Rocky Gap Lodge & Golf Resort, Flintstone, MD (snow mold)