Velocity Herbicide Testimonials

"I used Velocity against Poa trivialis in bentrgrass on my course. When we started the program, we had basically 100% Poa in the affected areas. Once Velocity finished the job, we were down to less than 10% Poa in those areas and the course looked and played great."

"Velocity is definitely effective against Poa. Velocity is one of the only products that you can actually demonstrate to your members the results of what you are doing. You can explain throughout the process how you are using Velocity to convert the Poa to bentgrass, and the members will literally see the turf improve right before their eyes. It's a great chance to reinforce what you are doing to help improve the course."
–Rick Catalogna, Pikewood National Golf Club, Morgantown, WV

"I needed to totally eliminate the Poa off the fairways. I used several different Velocity programs, ultimately settling on one that slowly addressed the Poa and didn't disrupt play on the fairways."

"This just helps me address Poa in the approach I need for my course."
–Jeff Parker, The Links at Groveport, Groveport, OH

"We were doing the right things, but we couldn't get the bentgrass percentages higher. It was really bugging me. I thought, I've got to find a way to knock the Poa back some more. We started using Velocity in late spring and I was thrilled with the result."
–Mark Richard, Kirkbrae Country Club in Lincoln, R.I.,

"(Velocity) is the only thing I've seen that works against Poa."
–Mike Hart, Danville (Ill.) Country Club

"The bentgrass looks off for a couple days after each [Velocity] application, but it bounces back much quicker and the Poa doesn't bounce back. The bentgrass has the competitive edge."
–Kyle Jacobsen, superintendent of Twin Orchard Country Club in Lake Zurich, Ill.